Gios Roatan Reserve

About Us

Gio’s Restaurant was awarded the title of one of the Top 30 Touristic Marvels of Honduras for pioneering a dish focused on the Spiny Caribbean King Crab (Mithrax Spinosissimus). The taste and tenderness of the crab is unparalleled and a real treat for Roatan newcomers. Indigenous to the Mesoamerican Barrier Reef System, the Spiny King Crab brings a unique taste to Honduran cuisine for all visitors to enjoy. Roatan serves as both the Honduran touristic capital and the hub for seafood exportation. Gio’s takes advantage of the ample supply of local seafood to craft their well-known dishes.

Giovanni Silvestri (“Gio”) continues his family’s tradition of owning and maintaining restaurants. His father and mother started many restaurants in Honduras such as La Hoya (Tegucigalpa), GRO (San Pedro Sula) and Maxim (La Ceiba). Gio and Rosa (his wife) were the first people to commercialize the King Crab, a plate that established both national and international fame. It also gave birth to a nickname for the restaurant, the King Crab House. The tradition continues with his two sons Dino Giovanni and Gildo.

The success of Gio’s is originates from two traditions. The first is personally selecting all ingredients (seafood, steak, vegetables, seasonings and aromatic herbs) to ensure freshness and consistency. Second is Gio’s commitment to satisfy and serve his clients as best as possible. These two concepts have granted Gio’s various titles as one of the 100 best Restaurants in Central America year after year.